Want to Buy a Nanny Camera? Look for These 5 Features!

If you are a working couple or a single working parent, you may probably leave your kids at a day care center or at home with a nanny. There is a constant nagging worry bothering you about your child’s wellbeing. What is the solution to this worry? A nanny camera, of course, is a good option.

There is a perception that nanny camera is banned in US, but it is not so. In all the 50 states, you can install a nanny camera without worrying about the law, though you need to ensure that nothing is recorded in the private areas of your home. In 13 of the states, it is illegal to record the care giver without prior consent.

The next question is how do you choose one? Here are the features you need to look out for when choosing a suitable nanny camera:

  1. Clarity of Image

This is essential when you wish to watch the live streaming through the camera, especially at night. So, select a camera with good picture quality and IR night vision. A wide angle horizontal view would help you to cover a larger area of the room where the camera is placed

  1. Remote Monitoring /Compatibility with Your Phone

It is important that you keep watching the live video footage of activity at home while you are out for work. Remote monitoring through apps on your smartphone can make it possible

  1. Two-Way Audio

Get a camera with the option wherein you can talk to the person at the other end of the camera if required. Before you do that, check on the laws with respect to audio recording. You might have to inform your babysitter about the nanny camera in your home.

  1. Motion-Activated Camera

To avoid recording unnecessary footage and clogging up your storage space, go for a camera, which records only when it needs to. Such a camera will start recording only when it detects movement in the area

  1. Date and Time Stamp

A camera with this feature would make it convenient for you to know the exact time of events recorded in the camera

It is peace of mind that you need when you leave your child in the hands of others. More than the question of trust, it is the well-being of the child that takes precedence. A nanny camera with these features will make sure you are able to attend to your duties with ease.