Top Four Facts about Titanium Metal

Metals and their alloys play a very big role in our day to day lives. They are so important that you can’t think of a life without things made of metals like Iron, Aluminum, Copper, Steel, Silver, Gold, and more. One metal that is not used so much in the household but is an integral part of our lives is Titanium.

Titanium is an element denoted by Ti and has the atomic number 22. It is a transition metal, which is silver in color. Metals can be either ferrous or non-ferrous. Among the non-ferrous metals, there are many common, precious, and exotic metals. Titanium is categorized as a non-ferrous exotic metal. It possesses low density with high strength. It is also highly resistant to corrosion. Let’s read some interesting facts about it.

Importance in the Aviation Industry

Titanium is lighter than aluminum but much stronger than steel. This combination of lightweight and high strength along with its property of being corrosion-resistant makes it very suitable for the aviation industry. Its ability to resist high temperatures is another property, which makes it appropriate for this industry

Recyclable with High Saving Potential

As mentioned earlier, Titanium is largely used in the aviation industry. 95% of the titanium sponge that is used in aircrafts gets wasted as chips contaminated with lubricants, coolants or other foreign substances. Contaminated titanium cannot be used for the manufacturing of new aircrafts. Titanium scraps can be recycled with the help of technology, which is very expensive. In spite of the costs involved, it is useful to invest in the process. If recycled, the requirement of fresh titanium sponge for future use can be cut down by 93%. Metalliage is one of the active metal scrap recycling companies dealing with Titanium

Popular Choice for Jewelry

The durability of Titanium makes it a popular choice for making designer jewelry, specifically rings. Its inert nature makes it suitable for those with allergies and for those who want to wear it in water. It is also used to make an alloy with gold as it has hardness similar to 14 Carat Gold but the durability of 24 Carat gold

Medical Uses

Since Titanium is non-toxic and it is not rejected by the body, it is used for various surgical implements and implants such as joint replacements and dental implants, which remain good for 20 years. Its properties make it suitable for various other medical purposes.

Titanium is the seventh most common metal on the earth. It is found in every living thing. It also occurs in rocks, soils and all bodies of water. It forms an alloy with many different elements. It is nonmagnetic and a very poor conductor of electricity. These are a few more interesting facts about Titanium.