Tax The Rich And So The Government May Help The Indegent Take Notice

A couple of days ago, I spoken getting a left-leaning Bernie Sanders supporter who disliked Clinton and so did not election now inside the 2016 Presidential Election. He described we have to tax the rich to pay for college for every American, to pay for health proper proper care of every American also to give a minimum check to every individual that was lacking employment. I smiled and mentioned oh really and the man mentioned “Yah!”

So, I requested him simply how much did he think everything would cost. He mentioned “a good deal, however when we tax the rich we are capable of paying them back all.” Really, I described to him there have been many billionaires however when we needed “all of their money” it cannot even run our government for six-several days and they’d ‘t be wealthy any more, they’d be as poor just like a family surviving in the projects, so they wouldn’t have everything to tax next season to cover. I suggested that possibly we have to tax the rich and so the government might help the indegent pay more attention. Without thinking about it, he just mentioned “Yah!”

The factor is, he didn’t care just what the tax was for, he desired to soak the rich. I requested him if he recognized that wealthy everybody would be a little minority in the united states, which we’d be attacking minorities whenever we taxed them more than everyone else. He mentioned “What exactly, tax the rich!” Okay, therefore i requested him if he considered wealthy people and the man mentioned “Hell No!” I chuckled and i also mentioned that was an excellent factor he didn’t be worried about them? He requested me why, and i also told him owing to talk such as this I bet they don’t worry about your needs either. He just stopped speaking so to speak to consider that point.

Then he mentioned in my opinion “The rich have everything else but.” And, I requested him if he’d want to be wealthy too, and the man mentioned “Clearly” then I requested him if it may be okay essentially hired the us government later on and take all his money, his house and possessions. He mentioned, “no” as they felt that wouldn’t be right. I told him tough luck, because next time someone like Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton runs for office I’ll election to enable them to come take the money then make it for me. He was starting to determine my point, but angry he’d lost the debate. Really, he lost additionally to that particular, he’d lost his moral high ground. Consider this.