Let’s come and see the reason of making choice for some of the payment gateways India!!!

With the passage of time, it has been observed that the modern world is the digital world. In this world, there is an increasing use of electronic gadgets as well as the internet. Most of the individuals, whether male or female are working. So, they do not find enough time to shop or performing any other job. This has given rise to the need for the e-commerce business or the online business. There are a number of individuals in the given time that used to place their order online and look for the delivery of the products as well as services at the doorstep of their house.

This has also given rise to the acceptance of different modes of payment with the introduction of numerous payment gateway India. These payments gateways India are being used by some of the renowned providers of the e-commerce solutions. These payment gateways are integrated with the online business of a person. Below mentioned are a few most popular Indian payment gateways.

  • Pay U money payment gateway
  • Pay U biz payment gateway
  • Mobikwik payment gateway
  • Paytm payment gateway
  • PayPal payment gateway
  • CC avenue payment gateway
  • EBS payment gateway and many more.

These robustpayment gatewaysare in huge demand and have become a prime choice for the individuals. This is because of their given features:

  • One gateway for multiple payments: these strong Indian payment gateways enable their customers to make payments by making use of different modes of payments, including IMPS, debit card, ATM cards, credit cards, EMI’s, etc.
  • T+2 fund settlement: this gives the individuals with an assurance on completion of the transaction. They ensure that the transaction has been processed and the payments will be made within next 2 working days.
  • Watertight security: they ensure that the sensitive data of the customers will not be revealed or shared with any third party for any purpose. They authorize the transaction by requesting for the OTP
  • Payment alerts: They facilitate their customers with alerts via email that has been conducted for every website.
  • Multiple access modes: they enable their customers to integrate with their gateway securely over internet and IVRS.
  • Dropped transaction tracking: they facilitate their customers to recapture the transactions that have been abandoned by them because of any technical error or any other reason.
  • In depth analytics: these payment gateways India help the companies in increasing their business by tracking transactions that have been made by their clients. they also provide them with an opportunity to make an extensive research and analyze the transactions that have taken place on the website of the company.
  • Automated reconciliation: They have a real time reconciliation module with features like automated refund processing as well as transaction approval mechanism.
  • Risk and fraud management: They ensure that their internal processes work in lieu with the KYC norms of the company as well as the transactions that are coming from any country of the world.