How to Uncover the Right Product for Sale?

You are here: I want to create my shop, but how to uncover the right product for sale?

Even before embarking on e-commerce one must ask the question: “which product should I sell? In this article, I give you the tips to help you answer them.

Why a Product and Not Several?

To begin, I tell you that you must determine the product you aim to sell. But you are entitled to ask yourself, “Why not look for a full range of products when product sourcing?”

Only because, in a range, not all products possess the same potential. There is always a product that is above the others.

You must, therefore, determine what this product is and once you have found it, you can integrate other related products that can also be sold.

Then, when your flagship product and its complements sell correctly, you can start looking for a second and so on.

What is a Good Product?

The first step is knowing how to recognize a good product.

A good product is a product:

Small and Light

The most painful points, when you have an e-commerce site, is the management of shipments. If your product is small and lights, your shipping costs will be reduced, so you don’t charge too much for your customers. Parcel preparation will also be simpler, and you will have more freedom in choosing the carrier.


This is a critical point. If your product quickly loses value, it means that the period during which it is profitable is concise. The most striking example is that of high-tech products.

You will have to succeed in quickly bringing traffic to your site, which excludes including natural referencing that will be too long to implement.

Also, you will not be able to afford to have products that remain in stock too long. Because they will continue to lose value and you will, at some point, decide to sell them at a loss.

If your product is timeless, you will have much more room for maneuver, and the actions you take to trigger your first sales will have an impact throughout the life of your product.