How to Ensure You Have the Right IT Infrastructure for Your Business

The world has never been more reliant on the internet. Whether you run a telesales business or a dog grooming business, the chances are that you’ll need an internet connection and use your website, email and social media to make money. Having the right IT infrastructure in place is important – if your IT equipment goes down for any period, you could miss out on thousands in potential revenue. Below, we’ve put together tips to ensure your business is always connected.

Find the best web hosting provider

Ecommerce businesses, in particular, need to ensure their websites are online 24 hours a day. A minute of downtime could cause you to lose a customer to a competitor, so finding a company that provides the best web hosting makes sense. You can shop around to find the cheapest deal – but you should look to quality more than anything else. Companies that offer minimum uptime guarantees, and companies that utilise the latest cloud-based hosting technologies are best.

Build custom software

Consider the benefits of building custom content management or customer relationship management (CRM) software for your business, if it’s something that you rely upon to power your workforce. Using third-party software has a whole host of benefits (it’s cheaper, updated, managed and comes packed with features), but it cannot be customised to the exacting needs of your business. Investing in a custom piece of software may be an expensive one-off purchase but in the long term, you’ll have infrastructure that works for your needs and never goes down.

Employee an internal IT technician

Having a member of staff in the office who is always on hand to help is important; if anything goes wrong or you need to set up an account for a new member of staff, you’ll be able to do so in just a couple of minutes. Consider working with an agency that offers IT recruitment in Reading, for example, if you want to ensure you’re hiring the very best IT technician your budget can afford. Hiring a member of staff, especially for medium-sized businesses, will be infinitely cheaper than paying for IT from third-party companies in the long-term, so make the leap.

IT is one of the most important things to think about when running your own business, but it is easy to overlook these challenges when everything is online and running well. Audit your IT infrastructure annually for security and downtime, and be prepared to make an investment.