Growing Commercial Plants: Natural Sunlight v. Led Grow Lights

Plants enjoy the outdoors. Access to the sun is what they need and want. But growing plants outside for commercial purposes is not always the best or easiest solution. In fact, growing plants indoors offers benefits that growing plants naturally outside do not offer. Here’s our concise comparison between growing commercial plants under natural sunlight versus under artificial light like led grow lights.

What are the pros and cons of growing commercial plants in natural sunlight?

Many plants require full and unfiltered sunlight, especially many commercial plants. Sunlight via mother nature can provide that full 10 to 12 hours of direct sunlight these kinds of plants need each and every single day.

But plants grown for commercial purposes may need cleared or open fields in order to take in optimal levels of solar energy for the amount of plants being grown. Attempting to produce large quantities of plants in open spaces for the required amount of time may prove difficult and expensive. Plus, there are other risks involved with growing plants commercially outdoors, like:

  • the threat of insects or other animals that can decimate or seriously harm plants;
  • the threat of environmental issues, like flooding or fires, that can destroy the land and your crops; or
  • the unpredictability of the weather, like long, extended days of clouds and/or rain, hail, or wind, that can damage your plants or delay growth.

These things can be costly and have a detrimental impact on your ability to produce quality in due time. Uncontrollable variables are serious risk factors to your competitive edge and success rate in newly competitive industries.

What are the pros and cons of growing commercial plants under led grow lights?

Artificial radiation made easy and cost-efficient by led grow lights is the solution to many of the uncontrollable risk variables of growing plants under direct sunlight. Indoor plant cultivation allows the grower to:

  • supplement carbon dioxide levels when practice and effective;
  • control the environment, including the temperature, humidity levels, and amount of artificial light; and
  • Manipulate the intensity and distance of the lighting.

One other benefit offered by led grow lights directly related to the risks involved in growing commercial plants outdoors is: minimal pests. You can manage insects and animals better with indoor growing.

Of course, you could reap the benefits of both worlds if you use a greenhouse for your commercial plant production.

Led Lights for Your Competitive Commercial Plant Business

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