5 Tips to designing an effective name badge

Events are usually hectic affairs- full of excitement and exuberance. In focussing on major things at an event like stage management, light and sound etc. event managers usually miss out on concentrating on “name badges”. But are name badges that important, you may ask? Of course, they are and this is why so. Take a look.

Why name badges are important at events?

  • To create an identity for each participant.
  • To distinguish between the speakers or performers, visitors, event organizers and guests.
  • To connect the people of different streams attending the event
  • To create an identity for the event itself.

Now that you know the full purpose of a name badge,  let’s go about creating an effective name badge with these valuable tips.

Tips to design an effective name badge.

  1.    Size

The purpose of a name badge is to create an identity. so it must carry a photograph along with the person’s credentials and also bear the event’s name and logo with company credentials and event details.  To carry all this information, decide on the right size. If the card is too small, it will not serve its purpose. If it is too large, people will hesitate to wear it. So design an attractive name badge of the right size by deciding on the layout and content. normally 4” x 3” is preferred.

  1.    Details

A name badge must carry the following information

  • Name of the event
  • Event Logo
  • Name of the Company holding /the event
  • Name of the Individual
  • Photograph of the individual
  • Nature of participation-Speaker, Organizer, Visitor, Guest
  • Job title optional
  • Date and Venue

All these details must be legibly printed bearing in mind these factors.

  • The font must be of the correct size and style to offer good readability even from a distance
  • The font must be suitable for long names
  • The Logo must be correctly rendered without distortion
  • There should be no spelling error in the name of the delegates.
  • The photograph must be of good resolution.
  1.     QR or Scancodes

Corporate events often have a QR code imprinted on the name badge and this can be scanned even if the card is laminated or encased in a plastic sleeve. This QR code is highly useful as it saves the time required for verification of details as this can be done at a single shot by just scanning the code and viewing details on the screen. Scan and test the QR code once using a smartphone or code scanner o ensure it works.

  1.    Multi-colour

Print the vent badges in multi-colour- Red for Chief guest  and main speakers, blue for organizers, green for guests , etc. This helps in easily identifying and connecting  with the persons you wish to interact with, among the huge audience.

  1.      Badge material and accessories

Print badges of durable material like heavy vinyl. A bent or warped name badge is going to tarnish the image of the event, organizer and the printer.  Also ensure that the printing is with fast colours that do not smudge, bleed or stain clothes.

Choose the name badge accessories like badge tags or clips, lanyards or magnets keeping in mind the attire of the guests and invitees.  Let the accessory match the attire in its look, style and functioning. Buy quality badge accessories that do not tear or rip the clothing.

Name badges, if designed rightly, can be a dignified symbol of event and company identity. Design and procure name badges and their accessories from the right commercial printers to enhance the stature of the event.